Lingue disponibili per questa pagina: it en Here is a very short discussion about the modifications on the original Festival Italian voice, in order to correctly operate in the ReadMyFeed framework.

Package containing the modifications

The package festival-readmyfeed.tar.gz contains all the modifications for the Italian Festival Voice.


First of all, you need an already installed Italian Festival Distribution, using mbrola voices, by following (for instance) this instructions. Then, after having downloaded and uncompressed the above given package, you will find an install script file, to be executed in order to apply all the modifications to an already installed Italian Festival distribution. The file has to be executed with root privileges, in order to overwrite the original files.

Changes to the original voices

Changes have been done only where strictly necessary, and some examples of phrases which were badly read (or unread) are given below:
  1. Il primo ministro ha detto: «Dobbiamo diminuire le tasse»
  2. Una percentuale del 12,0023%
  3. Il sito di uniroma1: http://www.uniroma1.it
  4. Il nostro viaggio è terminato.Torneremo il prossimo anno.
For the phrases above, we noticed the following problems:
  1. was not read, because « and » quotes where not correctly handled in the TLS rules
  2. zeroes after comma were ignored (12,0023% was read as 12,23%)
  3. was rejected because of slashes mixed to text and punctuation
  4. the wrong punctuation (without a space) was producing a spelled reading
Finally, SABLE markup was quite almost ignored for Italian, and now it is correctly rendered.

What has been modified/added

File per file modifications are described in the italian version of this page