Interactive Voice System
Experimental Research about Asyncronous Voice Communications

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General Informations about IperAudio

IperAudio is an interactive communication media based on telephone. Why use a modem if voice can give you much more feelings about your interlocutor ? The IperAudio number is: +39-6-59602490

IperAudio born as a permanent testbed for experimentation end evaluation of Linguistic Engineering Technologies. As such, the informations reported here do not convey any commercial content, and they are just for dissemination of the working principles experimented and field-validated.

IperAudio is structured as a telematic communication and information system, capable of personal communication, group communication, and public utility communication services.

IperAudio IS NOT a commercial, sexual, or premium rate line. It constitutes a service infrastructure for their clients and guests. Work is underway for building up a text-to-speech gateway, in order to thightly link data and audio telematic services.

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